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Shield at SPS, Nuremberg Trade Show

Tuesday 25th – Thursday 27th November 2014
in Nuremberg by “Trade Center Nuremberg”, Germany

Electric Automation – Systems and Components
Technologies for Industrial Automation.

SPS IPC Drives is the exhibition for electric automation technology.
It covers all components down to complete systems and integrated automation solutions.

Opening hours:
Tuesday 9:00 – 18:00
Wednesday 9:00 – 18:00
Thursday 9:00 – 17:00

SHIELD – Hall 10, Stand 10-516

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Distributor, modular splitter, electric box

Distribution box

Spider boxes can be made with many different sizes and shapes, thanks to tools flexibility.
In most cases the limit is only the imagination of the equipment designer.
Even small production lots usually are not a problem.
Clients can order customized spider distribution box thanks to a special modular production technique.
Distribution box is totally overmoulded with thermoplastic polyurethane.

splitting connection harnesses

splitter connectors

Junior Power Timer, JPT

Spider with JPT connectors

These harnesses are often used in the following fields:
industrial automation, lamps for industrial vehicles, lamps for architectural applications, measurement devices and instruments, heating and air conditioning systems, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical automation, industrial and public transport vehicles, bus, railways, ships and airplanes, warehouse and moving goods plants, earth moving machines, conveyor belts, packaging, bottling, glass, plastic, metal, textile, paper and wood working machines, assembly machines, robot, industrial washing and drying machines, wind mills, cranes and air platforms, construction equipment, food industry machinery, agricultural machinery.
Suitable also for heavy-duty applications and IP67 (IEC 60529) or higher protection degree.

Electrovalve sockets and distribution box

Distributor for solenoid-valve set

What is the main advantage for a machine manufacturer ?

  • For applications or Countries with low-cost labour: reduced possibility of human error.
  • For applications or Countries with high cost labour: reduced total cost (labour + material).

Other advantages

  • reduction in time wiring electrical assembly
  • machine maintenance easier and faster
  • reduction in number of machinery spare parts
  • stock codes reduction
  • Bill Of Materials (BOM) easier for machinery builders
  • cabling simplified
  • possibility to include electronic circuits in boxes and/or connectors, in order to get peripheral controllers
  • possibility of installation even by unskilled workers
  • plant aesthetically better
  • overall dimensions significantly reduced
  • total weight significantly reduced
Tuesday 20th – Thursday 22nd May 2014
in #Parma by “Fiere di Parma” #ITALY
Viale dell’Esposizioni
Technologies for Industrial #Automation
Opening hours:
9:30 – 18:00

Trade Fair sps ipc drives

Visit Shield at SPS IPC DRIVES

Visit SHIELD at Hall 3 stand F073
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This trade fair covers the entire spectrum of industrial automation products: from electrical components to complete systems, including integrated automation solutions.

SPS IPC DRIVES is one of the most important exhibition about
Electric Automation – Systems and Components Technologies for Industrial #Automation.
This trade fair covers the entire spectrum of industrial automation products: from electrical components to complete systems, including integrated automation solutions.
When it is made:

  • Italy
    In May, every year,
    by “Parma Trade Center”
    Viale dell’Esposizioni,
  • Germany
    In November, every year,
    by “Nuremberg Trade Center”,


SPS IPC Drives, Nuremberg, Germany

SPS IPC Drives, Germany – Italy



Splitter connector M8-M8, M12-M12, M8-M12

Splitter allows to use 1 single cable for 2 sensors or 2 valves. Variants: each connector could be replaced by a cable, moreover each connector could be male or female type.

Splitter useful to join on the same cable the signals coming from 2 different #sensors or to control 2 #electrovalves.

Solutions with direct cable instead of plug or socket connectors are available as well.

Versions with M12 IEC 61076-2-101 and/or M8 IEC 61076-2-104 .


#M8, #M12, #M23, 7/8″, male plug or female socket, angled or straight for mounting on panel.
Connectors are available with unsheathed or sheathed wires, with soldering or for printed circuit contacts.
International Standards IEC 61076-2-101, IEC 61076-2-104 .

M8, M12, M23, 7/8", plugs or sockets

Example of M12 receptacle

#Extension cords are available with the following #connectors at each side:

  • USB standard type A or type B connector
  • USB micro connector
  • M12 male / female and with / without nut connected to the cable shielding (EMC).
  • Can be used as an adaptor as well
extension cord, adapter device

Extension cord with several combination available

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